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Cooper Family Brownie Recipe

This is the secret brownie recipe from our co-owner Curtis Coopers and his family.

The secret though is not in the brownie mix but in the frosting!


  • Brownie mix of your choice
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • 5 tbsp butter
  • 6-8oz milk chocolate chips


  1. Make brownie mix per packaging instructions and set aside when done
  2. In a small saucepan combine sugar, butter, and milk
  3. Bring to a boil stirring constantly. Cook for 1 minute.
  4. Remove from heat and stir in 6-8 oz of milk chocolate chips.  Start with 6 oz and then add more depending on taste preference.
  5. Put frosting over brownies and allow to cool
  6. Serve and enjoy!

6 Warning Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning Or Replacement

Most people give little thought to their HVAC system’s ductwork until something has gone horribly (and expensively) wrong with it. This is a huge mistake as a little preventative air duct maintenance can go a long way toward keeping your system running efficiently and preserving the indoor air quality of your home or business.


Clearly here in Jacksonville, Florida, air conditioning is something you do not want to live without. With average highs in the low-to-mid 90s in the summer and an average daily humidity of around 74 percent (or 90+ percent during the rainy season or if you live close to the water), life in Jacksonville becomes quickly unbearable without a properly functioning air conditioning unit.

Your air ducts are important infrastructure for your HVAC system. Your ducts provide a conduit for the cool or heated air produced by your HVAC system to flow into the various rooms of your home to achieve your desired temperature. When ducts are obstructed or have leaks, it can cause your system to lose efficiency, running up your energy bill and increasing wear and tear on your HVAC unit.

Air conditioning repair experts recommend duct cleaning approx. every five years to dislodge dirt and other debris in the ducts. If your ducts haven’t been cleaned in a while, here are a few signs that cleaning is needed immediately.

Visible Signs Your Ducts Need Cleaning

  • Unexplained spikes in your energy bills – If your bills are climbing and there’s no good explanation for the hike, such as increased usage or mechanical problems with your unit, you may have clogs or leaks in your ducts that are reducing the system’s efficiency. Air conditioning repair services can inspect your ducts to see if this is the problem and take steps to clean and seal your ducts as needed.
  • Signs of rodent or insect infestation – If you see or smell evidence that rodents or insects may be living in your ducts, it’s time to have your ducts cleaned if they are all metal or replaced if non-metal like flex ducts or duct board. A rodent infestation will saturate urine, feces and other unhealthy contaminants permanently into the fibrous duct. If you see one place of damage on a flex duct system, then the entire interior of the air distribution system probably has damage that a repair cannot address since rodents will damage the plastic inner duct lining throughout the interior of all the flex ducts (which is the types of ducts used mostly here in Jacksonville, FL). Debris from these infestations can cause damage to your HVAC system too, reducing its efficiency. Over time, the smell from droppings and other debris can also become highly unpleasant and unhealthy. Contaminants from rodent or insect droppings and shells and husks from insects circulating through the air that you and your guests breathe can cause sickness. A rodent or insect infestation in your ducts represents a big health threat, and one you should deal with immediately.
  • Dirt and debris around your vents – If you’re noticing dirt and debris around your vents, there’s a very good chance that your ducts have developed blockages or have a high number of contaminants circulating through the system. High levels of dirt and debris circulating through your system can exacerbate allergies and other respiratory problems. Although having your ducts cleaned will not eliminate dust in your home, it’s well worth your while to have your ducts cleaned to remove the dust build up.
  • Unexplained respiratory problems – If you or members of your family are having unexplained allergy, sinus, asthma, or other respiratory problems, excessive dirt, and debris circulating through your ducts may be the problem. Air cycles through your home about seven times a day, and if your ducts have high levels of dirt and debris, it can have a big impact on indoor air quality. If sneezing and wheezing have become a problem in your home, and if it’s been years since your last duct cleaning, you may want to call an air conditioning maintenance company out to inspect your ducts and clean them. You may also want to consider more indoor environment control to combat against the dust sources as it develops inside of the home by adding indoor air cleaners, air sanitization systems, fresh air systems, dehumidification systems, a better AC filtration system and possibly sealing the homes building envelope from cracks that compromise the interior environment.
  • Dusty air filters or air return grilles – If your recently installed air filter is covered in dust, chances are that your ducts are clogged and need cleaning. Return air grilles with thick, fuzzy coatings of dust are also indicators of higher than normal dust particulates within the indoor living environment. There can be many sources to high amounts of dust. Many times, it is the people and creatures living in the house that are the dust source. Vacuuming carpets can drastically reduce dust levels in your home. And so can sealing the air boots (located behind air vents) having cracks that can vortex dust, heat and humidity from the attic or crawl space as air is pulled or distributed into the home.
  • Visible mold growth – Because of Jacksonville’s humid climate, mold growth is a huge problem. Mold exposure in homes has been linked to many health issues, some of them very serious. Mold can often cause respiratory issues, eye irritation, throat irritation, and even skin irritation. People with compromised immune systems or chronic lung illnesses may develop serious infections if exposed to mold. Even if mold is found in your AC system, many times it is not the source. Since the AC System circulates all the air inside of your home it will pull in spores that are coming from almost anywhere from inside of the home, into and through the indoor cooling or heating unit and then grow on the wet and dark indoor AC evaporator coil acting like a Petri dish. We can clean it off but if the source is not found and eliminated then it will most likely return.

If you see mold growing around your vents or inside your ducts, do not hesitate to call an air conditioning repair company to perform an inspection and cleaning of your ducts. Mold is more prevalent in Florida than most parts of the country, so homeowners must be constantly vigilant against this serious health threat. Catching mold infestations early before they can spread throughout the home and become difficult to eradicate. A system and duct cleaning can help reduce the cost of remedying this problem. Although many microorganisms (or mold) are harmful there are many that are very common and not so harmful to homeowners. Sometimes it depends on the individual who can have a negative reaction to something that seems to not bother others? Be sure to consider that AC Contractors Air McCall and its agents are not mold experts. If you suspect any health issues due to dust or sources of mold in your home, we always recommend that you contact a good home hygienist like Mitch Kramer at Martin Enviro if you want testing to find out if you should be concerned or not and seek a professional medical diagnosis if you have symptoms that you suspect are related to your indoor environment.

How Ducts Are Cleaned

Professional duct cleaning services can provide a thorough cleaning far beyond what the average homeowner can do on his or her own. Air conditioner maintenance service technicians have specialized tools and training that allow them to remove nearly all dust and contaminants from duct work, even in the most hard-to-reach places.

Technicians will use specialized air HIGH pressure hoses and other tools to loosen debris within your ducts. (Brushes can cause air leaks by damaging the interior of flex duct and fibrous duct board which is mostly what is used here in Jacksonville Florida.)

Next, they will use a vacuum to remove dirt and debris from the ducts. They will also likely clean the cooling coils and the blower unit. Your technician may also decontaminate your ducts with germ and odor-killing compounds. In addition to cleaning the ducts and other parts of your unit, your technician will also clean grilles and vents. We use Abatement Technologies for the duct cleaning process.

Taking care of your ducts can reduce your power bills and increase the longevity of your HVAC system by reducing its workload. As new HVAC systems can cost thousands of dollars to install, keeping your system running efficiently for as long as possible can save you lots of money. Regular cleaning of your HVAC ducts can also greatly benefit the indoor air quality in your home or place of business.

Poor indoor air quality is being increasingly linked to a variety of illnesses, and modern home design has made maintaining good indoor air quality difficult because new homes are so tightly sealed for energy efficiency purposes. Cleaning your ducts can help keep mold and contaminants from constantly recirculating through your home and giving rise to respiratory and other illnesses.

When hiring a company to perform air duct cleaning services, make sure you hire a professional company with the tools, training, and experience to do the job correctly. Check online reviews and ask your friends and neighbors who they use for air conditioner service. Talk to prospective service providers about their professional credentials and experience. Also, don’t be afraid to ask prospective providers for references.

Air McCall is a Jacksonville-based air conditioning repair and maintenance company. We have experienced staff and a well-earned reputation for excellence. Air McCall is committed to staying abreast of the latest changes to the HVAC industry—the company’s technicians regularly train with the newest HVAC technologies. The company has several affordable maintenance options available to customers, including a comfort club membership program that provides discounts on important repair and maintenance services.


How Long Do Air Conditioning Units Last?

Air conditioning has increasingly become a need over the years. It is not a luxury anymore. This is because air conditioning can give or take away comfort. And being comfortable is something that you need to carry out your day to day activity. You would not want a routine or an activity to be hampered by lack of air conditioning or breaking down of the machine that offers air conditioning. Now that an air conditioner is something that you need for your daily comfort, it is important to know how the air conditioning units last to make sure that you enjoy comfort at all times. And also to be aware if an air conditioning unit needs an Air Replacement Service in Neptune Beach FL or not.

What to Do

An air conditioning unit lasts for around 10 to 15 years. If you notice that your air conditioner does not give you the same service as it used to, then you should be mauling over Air Conditioner Replacement Service in Neptune Beach FL. This will help you deal with any inconveniences that may arise from any breakdowns from an air conditioner. You should also make sure that your air conditioner gets regular servicing so that it can last longer. Failure to do that will make you get an Air Conditioner Replacement Service before the time for a replacement is due. All the times, you should make sure that your air conditioner is in the perfect shape to enable you to get maximum comfort and service.

An air conditioning unit should serve your interests to the maximum. It should be able to last long enough for the maximum 15 year period if serviced and maintained well. You should ensure that the air conditioner is replaced if you notice that the air conditioner is not working properly or if it is nearing the 10-15 year period. You should thus make sure that you are always on top of your game as far as air conditioning is concerned to avoid any future inconveniences.

Air McCall in Neptune Beach FL offers Air Conditioning Replacement Services that will help you get and derive maximum comfort. We also offer other HAVC services. Call us today at https://www.airmccall.com/.

How Often Do You Need A New Furnace?

A lot of things and gadgets that we use today have lifespans. Even we, mortals, have lifespans. The same applies to a heating or a cooling system. A time comes that the heating or cooling system cannot be able to function properly because it has been used for too long. You would certainly not want a heating or cooling system to break down when you badly need it. Let’s face it; there is a possibility that it could happen if a cooling or heating system is not replaced by a new furnace in time. So, how often do you need to replace an old furnace with a new one to make sure that you are not inconvenienced?

Heating and Cooling System Lifespan
Good heating or cooling system that is well maintained and serviced last for 15-20 years. When that time elapses, it is best to start thinking about getting yourself a new furnace. A new furnace will ensure that you continue to enjoy the heating or cooling system for another phase. That said, you also need a Heating Installation Service in Atlantic Beach FL that will do you good. If you get that right, then you are good to go.

Saves Energy
A new furnace that is installed properly by a Heating Installation Service in Atlantic Beach FL saves from between 10% to 25% of the energy costs. That means that a new furnace when replaced can do you a lot of good. It is like getting a bonus for changing something. You should make sure that you do not sit pretty while your furnace is almost breaking down. Make sure that you get yourself a new one if it is past the 15 year period to be able to continue enjoying maximum comfort. You do not have to wait for your furnace to hit the 20-year mark. Get Heating Installation Service in Atlantic Beach FL to help you in the installation of a new furnace.

Air McCall in Atlantic Beach FL offers Heating Installation Services that help you in setting up the new furnace to ensure that you keep on getting maximum comfort. Call us today at https://www.airmccall.com/.


The Necessity of Regular Duct Cleaning

Here at Air McCall, we are running a special offer on its duct cleaning services. This coupon is for $75 discount on all kinds of duct cleaning jobs. available for existing as well as new customers.

Getting Duct Cleaning Regularly

Jonathan Bolden, one of our co-owners, says that regular duct cleaning is absolutely necessary for homes as well as commercial facilities. Ducts tend to collect dirt and debris over time and become a breeding ground for allergens.

Excessive buildup of dirt tends to affect the efficiency of heating and cooling systems and the presence of allergens can cause breathing problems and allergic reactions.

Regular duct cleaning can improve the efficiency and lifespan of heating and cooling systems and reduce maintenance costs significantly in the long term. It can also be beneficial for people with respiratory disorders and seasonal allergic problems.

Professional Duct Cleaning Services in Jacksonville

Air McCall offers a wide range of duct installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement services. The company uses the highly advanced AIRE-SWEEP cleaning system to clean ducts and vents. The patented AIRE-SWEEP system has a powerful vacuum that can clean up dirt and debris that have accumulated over a long period of time.

The company uses cleaning equipment with HEPA filters to make sure the dirt and debris do not escape into the living space during the cleanup process. Furnishings are covered with tarps when needed, and the technicians are required to wear shoe covers to protect the floor.

Once the cleanup process is over, the entire duct system is thoroughly sanitized by applying a biocide, which is free of harmful chemicals. The biocide is applied using a fogging machine, which the company says is more effective than a sprayer when it comes to treating duct systems.

Skilled HVAC Technicians

We have a team of technicians who possess the necessary expertise and experience to install, repair, service, and replace duct systems in residential as well as commercial facilities. All the technicians are insured, and they undergo comprehensive background checks and drug tests.

The company offers free estimates for the residents as well as businesses in the region. There is a flat $75 discount available on all kinds of ductwork.

About Air McCall

Air McCall is a family-owned HVAC business based in Jacksonville, Florida. The company is co-owned by Jonathan Bolden and Curtis Cooper, who have close to three decades of experience in the HVAC industry. The company has won the prestigious Carrier President’s Award four times and enjoys an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

8 Summer Maintenance Tips for a homeowners Air Conditioning System

Your home’s air conditioning is a vital system that homeowners do not think much about until it stops working, or when a high energy bill is received. According to the Alliance to Save Energy, the average household energy expense is about $2,600 per year, and nearly half that amount can be tied directly to costs associated with heating and/or cooling your home.

The costs associated with controlling the temperature in your home are significant, and if your Air Conditioning system isn’t running efficiently, then your costs only go up. Fortunately, ensuring your AC system is running at peak performance doesn’t always require an expensive repair bill. There are plenty of things you can do to make sure your AC system is up to the task with a little maintenance.

Be sure to do these eight things, and your air conditioning system will be more effective and kinder to your energy bill.

  1. Change the AC System filter. Why is this tip number one? Simple: It’s easy to do and can have the biggest impact on the health of your HVAC system. A clean filter can reduce your energy usage by 15 percent according to the Alliance to Save Energy. If your filter is temporary, replace it every month on a day you’ll remember — like the first of the month. And if it’s a permanent filter, take it out and rinse it off monthly. A thicker filter will last longer and can keep the indoor AC Coil cleaner!
  2. Drying out your dehumidifier. Depending on the time of year, a whole house dehumidifier can be invaluable. To be sure it’s working at maximum capacity, remove the outer casing and allow your system to dry. Once the system is dry, vacuum the entire unit to remove excess dirt and debris before putting it back together.
  3. Remove obstructions around your exterior system. Though the AC is located outside your home, you cannot afford to sacrifice your air conditioner to the elements. Inspect the unit at least twice a month and remove loose vegetation or debris. Standing vegetation surrounding your air conditioner should not be allowed to grow within two feet of the unit. This clear zone allows your air conditioner to pull in the air it needs to control the temperature in your home.
  4. Clean the bathroom fans. Your bathroom fans work hard all year, and this is the perfect time to ensure the work they do is as efficient as possible. Vacuum the intake surface and/or remove the covers from your fans before washing them with soap and water. Once the covers are off, use a toothbrush to clean the fan blades before reapplying the cover. Just make sure the power is off before starting this task. Also, BE SURE you turn on your bathroom exhaust for 30 minutes during hot showers to help remove the excess humidity (heat load) added to the interior environment.
  5. Thermostat settings. Program the cooling temperature settings in your home to be warmer during periods when you’re away and more comfortable when you’re home. It is designed to maintain a 75’ indoor temperature during most of the year. Or 16’ to 20’ F less indoors than the outside temperature (in cooling mode) depending on indoor and outdoor humidity fluctuations.
  6. Flush the condensate drain regularly. Air conditioners have a condensation drain line to drain away water condensed out of the air during the process of cooling the indoor air. For your air conditioner to work effectively and to avoid any clogs or water overflow, this drain system must be kept clear. A homeowner can connect a wet vac to the outside drain to flush it periodically. While an air conditioning professional can “flush” a drain line during a maintenance. A drain line cleaning can be performed when needed, requiring at least 1 to 2 hours plus chemicals and possibly multiple visits). The homeowner is ultimately responsible for the years of buildup developing inside of a drain resulting from the temperature setting (running time) combined with the indoor environment living conditions and filter changes. To minimize the chance of a clog, a homeowner must add 1 cup of bleach to the drain line once a month, flush the drain as often as possible and keep the indoor living environment clean. Bleach is added by the homeowner at a PVC “T” called a “clean out” or “Openable Drain Switch” located on the drain line (with a removable top/cap) located close the indoor air handling unit.
  7. Install a Leaf Guard. Ask our office team about installing a leaf guard on your outside unit. Or you can install one yourself by using plastic chicken wire and wire ties. This will keep leaves from building up inside of your outdoor system which obstructs the air flow of the outside coil decreasing efficiency and cooling capacity. Not to mention the corrosive effect of leaves as they decompose at the bottom of a metal outside unit. Taking steps to keep the leaves out rather than cleaning them out periodically produces a far better result for your electric bill, indoor comfort and an extended system life!
  8. Schedule a tune-up. Once you’ve accomplished all the tasks above, it’s time to bring in the experts at Air McCall! We will be able to take a more detailed look at your system and identify problems you may have otherwise missed. Follow them around during their inspection and ask questions. You may just learn some insights that will be invaluable in your ongoing efforts to improve indoor comfort, reduce your energy usage and total bill.
Air conditioning Unit

What Is Included With AC Maintenance Service?

You want to make sure that the air conditioner in your Jacksonville home is running perfectly throughout the year, especially during those hot summer days. Having a malfunction to the AC unit is never fun, and the fact is that many of those malfunctions could have been prevented with proper AC maintenance. Even if your AC system seems to be running perfectly right now, you may still want to get in touch with a company that can provide you with the maintenance that you need.

However, you might also be wondering just what is included with AC maintenance service. While companies all operate differently, you will want to work with professionals who can provide you with all of the following.

Experienced and Professional Technicians

First, you need to make sure that the technicians who are providing the service know what they are doing. They should be fully insured, factory trained NATE certified technicians who have the experience and knowledge to take care of your maintenance needs. The maintenance service through a quality company will also ensure that the technicians are professional and that they have gone through a background check.

Check the Coils, Pumps, and More.

The technicians will check to make sure that the evaporator and condenser coils are working properly during the maintenance. If they aren’t, then it could end up causing some problems with the system. Even a small amount of dust on the coils can lower the efficiency of the system, and that is the last thing you want. Keeping them clean improves overall efficiency of the system.

Check the Filters and Vents

The techs can also check to make sure the filters are clean and replace them if needed. They can also make sure the vents are not causing growth of mold, bacteria, and allergens, and they can clean out the HVAC system to make sure it is in good working order.

Check for Any Potential Problems

When the specialists come out to perform AC maintenance, they will also be checking the equipment and system to make sure there are not any hidden problems that are lingering just under the surface. They can let you know about any potential issues before they become a larger problem.

It is important that you have proper AC maintenance for your system. Be sure to get in touch with the experts today and set up an appointment.

AC Maintenance

How Long Should AC Run at a Time?

A very common question that people have when it comes to their air conditioning unit is just how often is should be running, as well as how long it should run. In some cases, they might feel as if it seems like their unit is running constantly. Others might feel that the unit in their Jacksonville, FL home shuts off too quickly or does not run enough to keep the house cool. So, what is the right amount of time for the unit to run? The answer, as with so many things, is that it depends.

The AC may run differently, even when you have the same exact unit as another home, for a range of reasons. For example, the amount of insulation in the home can cause differences in when the air conditioning runs. In addition, the temperature outside of the home is going to play a large role. Whether the AC unit is the right size for the home will determine how long it is running, as well. A unit that is too large for the home will generally not run enough, whereas a unit that is too small will end up working overtime.

If the AC unit is not working properly, whether it needs maintenance or repair, can also cause the unit to run too much, too little, or not at all.

How Should the System Usually Work?

When everything is operating as it should, it becomes easier to determine how long the AC should run at a time. If you have a very hot Jacksonville, FL day, then the air conditioning should be running almost all of the time. this will help to keep the temperature in the house at what you have set on the thermostat.

When the weather outside is somewhat milder, the unit should not run all of the time. It will run in cycles. These cycles will typically last for about 15 minutes, and they will occur about two to three times per hour. Again, this will help to keep the temperature to what you’ve set on the thermostat. When it is even cooler out, it will need to run less, or not at all in some cases.

If you have found that your AC unit is not behaving properly, then you will want to get in touch with the professionals for air conditioning service and repair.

AC Repair Jacksonville

Why Is My AC Not Blowing Cold Air?

The most common complaint that someone in need of AC repair has in Jacksonville is that their air conditioner isn’t blowing out any cold air. This can make a home unbearably hot, or even unsafe to be in, during the hottest months of the year. There are multiple reasons why an AC may not be cooling your home.

The Thermostat Settings

The first problem could be the thermostat settings. If the fan setting is set to “on”, it will cause the AC to blow air round the clock, even when your auto programming isn’t set to cool the house. Set the fan to “auto” so that the AC only comes on when the house is too warm. Another option could be that your thermostat is broken and in need of repair. If the thermostat isn’t correctly telling the AC when to come on, or how cold to get, this is a big problem.

The Air Filter

A common issue we see with AC repair work is that the air filter is dirty. If the AC is blowing cool air, but only a tiny, weak stream of air is coming out, this is the likely culprit. The air filter catches particles in the air as the AC works, and if it gets very dirty and clogged, it could make it hard for air to pass through. An air filter should be changed at least every six months, if not sooner.

AC Repair Is Needed

Finally, the issue could be that your outside AC unit is in need of repair. First, check that the unit isn’t covered in debris like fallen leaves or grass trimmings. If there’s a big bush or something right by the AC, clear that away. It could be that the unit is having a hard time drawing in the air due to these problems. However, if you don’t see anything like that, it could be that the unit fan isn’t working, or it is low on refrigerant.

In Jacksonville, we help homeowners keep their space cool and comfortable with quality AC repair services. We can fix the unit fan, replace faulty thermostats, fix refrigerant leaks, clean ducts, and much more. We also offer emergency services so that you can get your home cooled to a safe temperature again as soon as possible. To schedule a repair service with AirMcCall, contact us by calling (904) 288-6110.

Air conditioning service jacksonville FL

How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner?

Many homeowners never think to have their air conditioner checked out or maintained unless something is going wrong. As long as the system is blowing out cool air and keeping the home comfortable, they keep on living their busy lives. While we understand that remembering every little maintenance thing is a hassle, there are some very important reasons to have a regular air conditioning service performed in Jacksonville, such as:

  • It is less likely that you’ll have pricey repairs or replacements if you keep your AC well maintained.
  • Your AC will purify the air more effectively if it is routinely serviced.
  • Your AC will operate at peak performance when serviced, which means you could save more on your energy bills. When the AC is working more efficiently, it doesn’t need as much energy to keep your house cool.

With those reasons to service your air conditioner in mind, how often should you do this?

Annual Air Conditioner Service

Most experts agree that an annual servicing of your AC is adequate. This will allow the professional to inspect the unit for issues, clean out the filters and ducts, and make sure that the unit is working to the best of its ability to keep your energy bills lower. It’s also easier to remember and schedule an annual servicing than anything more frequent, which makes it easier for homeowners to check this task off their long to-do list.

When to Service an Air Conditioner

If you plan to have an annual AC service, the best time to do so would be right before the warm weather hits your area. This will get your AC in tip-top shape for the season when you’ll use it the most often and will help prevent big bills when you start turning it on for the year. In Jacksonville, early spring is a great time to schedule an AC maintenance service.

The Cost of Annual Air Conditioning Service

Every company charges something different for AC servicing, but this isn’t usually a huge expense. Having the system maintained and cleaned is a quick job that should help you save money, not something that should cost you an arm and a leg. To schedule your affordable maintenance service today, contact AirMcCall. We offer routine maintenance like duct cleaning at affordable rates. Call us at (904) 288-6110 to learn more.