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Heating Installation: A Project Best Left to the Professionals

Even in warm Florida, a heating system is necessary, and many people look to do their own heating installation in Jacksonville rather than calling in a professional HVAC team. If you’re willing to venture on your own, we’ll tell you a little about that process. We’ll also help those who might be a bit less willing to go the DIY route.

A Step by Step Guide for DIY Heating Installation Near Jacksonville

The most important part of the heating installation is the location of the unit. Always check with local permit guidelines and ensure that your project is up to code. There will need to be an exhaust vent as well as a refrigeration line to the unit.

Many homeowners choose the attic or crawl space for their heating units in order to accommodate the venting needs. Remember to choose a location where the air filter box and ductwork will not be in the way. You will also need outdoor or plumbing line access for the condensate drain.

Once everything is in place and all cuts have been made, it is time to attach the refrigerant lines and connect the plenum duct and supply tubing. All of these steps must be done in the proper order, and it is vital to ensure that all plumbing lines that have been altered during the installation process are in working order at the completion of the project.

Is It Time to Call in the Professionals?

As you can tell from this step by step overview of heating installation, this DIY project is one that is complex and extends to many of the systems in your homes such as plumbing and refrigeration. It for this reason and more that even the most enthusiastic of do-it-yourselfers opt for professional heating installation. Professional HVAC teams are highly skilled and trained in heating installation, from obtaining the necessary permits to ensuring that all systems are in top working order at the conclusion of the project.

Although Florida sees temperatures below freezing on a rather infrequent basis, having a working heating system is a must. During the occasional frosts and dips below the 30-degree mark, proper heating is essential to prevent damage from frozen or cracked pipes, as well as maintaining a healthy environment for your family.

If conducting your own heating installation in Jacksonville is something that you are reluctant to attempt, there are many good reasons to leave this home improvement project to a professional HVAC company.

AirMcCall can help with professional installation of your heating system if this is one DIY project you’d rather not tackle. Give us a call today at (904) 288-6110 for an estimate of your heating installation around Jacksonville.

How Air Conditioning Repair Professionals Deal With Circuit Breaker Issues

While air conditioners are generally one of the most reliable appliances in a home, things can and do go wrong with them. One problem that could plague your household is negative interaction between your air conditioner and your circuit breaker. In some cases, leaving your air conditioner on for too long can cause your circuit breaker to shut itself off. Why does this happen, and is this something that can be fixed by an air conditioner repair professional? Keep reading to learn a few causes of this problem and how it can be addressed.

Not Enough Freon

You can think of freon as fuel for your air conditioner. If your air conditioner does not have enough freon to keep it stable, it will malfunction. A lack of freon can even result in your air conditioner overwhelming your circuit breaker. This is because an air conditioner can’t function as smoothly without enough freon, meaning it has to draw more energy to keep itself working. The only way this can be fixed is to hire a Jacksonville air conditioner repair expert to look at your unit.

Dirty Filters

Sometimes the real problem with an errant air conditioner is less complex. If you’re dealing with an air conditioning unit that’s constantly triggering your breaker, look at the AC’s filter. Many homeowners forget to clean out or replace their air conditioner’s filters as often as recommended. A filter that’s gotten too dirty results in an air conditioner that won’t cool properly. In turn, the unit becomes overwhelmed and overpowers your circuits. If you aren’t sure how to manage your filters, a Jacksonville air conditioner repair professional can help.

Call AirMcCall at (904) 288-6110 or visit their website to get in touch with a Jacksonville air conditioner repair expert ASAP!

Prevent an HVAC Emergency – 6 Signs You Need a Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps provide heating and cooling power from a single unit any time of the year. Although heat pumps are efficient and reliable, they should be inspected by a professional at the first sign of a problem. Below is a list of issues that warrant a heat pump repair in Jacksonville.

Frozen Coils

Ice accumulation on a heat pump is a problem. Usually, a dirty air filter or refrigerant leak is the culprit behind iced-over coils. A technician can determine the source of the problem. If the heat pump’s refrigerant is low, he can seal the leak and refill the unit.

Increased Electric Costs

One of the first indicators of a malfunctioning heat pump is a high electric bill. If your energy bill has sharply risen without an apparent reason, your heat pump may not be operating at its optimum level of efficiency. There are many problems that can reduce a heat pump’s efficiency, such as a damaged coil or grounded wire.

Loud Noises

You should not expect your heat pump to be whisper quiet. However, the unit should never make loud noises. If you hear mechanical sounds like groaning, grinding or rattling, it is time for a heat pump repair. Jacksonville heat pump technicians can correctly identify and fix the problem.

No Heat or Air Conditioning

Every heat pump has a reversing valve that changes the direction that the refrigerant flows to allow the unit to heat or cool your home, according to how you set the thermostat. If your heat pump does not heat or cool your home, the reversing valve may be stuck, which is a common reason for a heat pump repair in Jacksonville.

Short Cycling

If you notice that your heat pump frequently turns on and off, this means the unit is short cycling. Rapid cycling may be caused by a malfunctioning compressor or short-circuiting thermostat. Although the heat pump may cool and heat your home as expected, the longer you forgo the repair, the more likely you will have to prematurely replace the heat pump.

Repairing Your Heat Pump

If you experience any of these problems, you should not put off a heat pump repair. Jacksonville has over 200 sunny days per year, so life without a working heat pump can be unbearable. However, a timely repair will keep your heat pump in top condition for years to come.

How to Prepare Your Home for a New HVAC Unit

Keeping the inside of your home at a comfortable temperature should be one of your main concerns. The only way to ensure you maintain the right temperature in your home is by keeping your HVAC unit functional. The older a unit gets, the more problems you will have with it. Replacing a worn out HVAC unit may be a bit expensive, but it is well worth the money invested. Properly preparing for air conditioning installations is easy when following these tips.

Ensuring the Right Unit Has Been Purchased

Before the air conditioning installations process can begin, choose the right replacement unit. While this may sound easy, it is anything but. The best way to get the guidance needed to make this decision is by working with HVAC professionals in the Jacksonville area.

These professionals will be able to take into consideration the size of your home and your budget before offering suggestions. Without this assistance, you run the risk of getting a unit that is too small to accommodate your home. This will lead to high energy bills and an endless array of repair issues.

Getting Your Old Ductwork Cleaned

Before the air conditioning installations process begins, it’s important to get your ductwork cleaned. Over time, the ductwork in your home will begin to collect a lot of dust. If this part of an HVAC system is not cleaned, it could lead to a variety of efficiency issues. By letting professionals clean the ductwork before installing a new unit, you can rest assured there will be no problems. The professionals will have the experience and tools needed to get this type of cleaning done in a hurry.

The team at Air McCall can help you get your new HVAC unit installed the right way. Be sure to contact us to find out more about the work we do.

What Is the Most Energy Efficient Heating System?

Home heating is essential, no matter what kind of temperatures your location typically experiences in winter. The expense of heating a home can be a huge part of a household budget, which also means that finding a system that is energy efficient is an excellent goal for those looking to curb spending. The good news is that there are many options for efficient heating that won’t break the bank.

Heat Pumps

If you want the most efficient system, a heat pump system is what fits the bill. They are also a reasonable choice anywhere a moderate climate is the norm. These systems grab heat and move it as needed. In winter, heat is brought inside to be warmed, while in summer air is removed from the home to cool the house. In addition to that, heat pumps are also very friendly on the environment. No fossil fuels are being burned, and the efficiency of their operation means less energy is used.

Residential Furnaces

Another option for heating installation in Jacksonville is the furnace. These are the most common way of heating a home, with more than half of American households using them. Older models of furnaces are not known for being efficient, but things are changing with modern models. The three most common furnace types include:

  • Gas – These systems use natural gas for heat. It may have less heating efficiency than a heat pump but costs less to operate. The reason for this is because natural gas has been becoming more affordable recently.
  • Oil – These are furnaces that use fuel oil to make heat. You typically need a supplier nearby to deliver the oil to you. This also means that monitoring the supply is essential. This option is often more expensive than others.
  • Electricity – These units use electricity which powers heating coils to make warmth. They do not offer any gases or carbon monoxide which may be present in other furnaces, but they may cost more to operate than alternatives would.

Getting the Right Heating System Installed

If you need a contractor to provide heating installation in Jacksonville, you should get in touch with Air McCall. We offer many heating and air conditioning solutions for those in the area. You can send us a message on our website or give us a call at 904-288-6110. We would love to be a part of your heating and air solution.

Things to Look for While Choosing an AC Repair Contractor

Not every contractor out there is the same. This is why it is essential to understand the difference between a professional contractor and someone who might just be planning to rip you off. For some reason, HVAC companies and contractors are often lumped together and thought of negatively. However, this is not how it should be. There are many great contractors out there; you just need to know how to find them.

Look Out for Email or Phone Estimates

Giving out an estimate by phone or email without looking at your air conditioner is a red flag. There are a ton of questions that need to be answered before offering an estimate, and many of those questions are only answered by visual inspection. If the person you are speaking to is promising you a price over the phone or email, they are probably not experienced or want to get your business without putting the effort in. Anyone legit will look at your system and consider many factors in advance of an estimate.

Swapping Out Model for Model

If the person you are working with for air conditioner repair in Jacksonville offers to replace your AC but wants to do so with the exact same model, take a moment to mull that over. The truth of the matter is that a legitimate HVAC professional is going to work with you to move your home into the now. Newer machines can offer much more efficiency than old ones. Anyone who is selling you on something that is old is probably trying to get rid of systems they have no use for. Don’t fall for it.

Read Online Reviews

For choosing a skilled technician, looking at online reviews is a must. You can get a good idea of what previous customers expected and whether what they received was in line with that. Doing an online search for reviews is simple, you can do it on Google to get an idea of what kind of reputation a company has. It is also a good idea to consider reviews from family and friends if you know anyone who has used the contractor you are interested in.

Free Quotes at Air McCall

When searching for someone to do air conditioner repair in Jacksonville, make sure Air McCall is on your prospect list. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and offers many services to those in the area. You can get in touch with the office at 904-288-6110.

Keep Cool With Regular AC Maintenance!

Have you ever heard the expression that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? While that may have been written in reference to health care, the same holds true for your HVAC system. Many homeowners put off AC maintenance in Jacksonville because they worry that it will be too expensive. What many don’t consider is that ignoring proper maintenance can end up costing a lot more.

Reduce the Risk of Costly Repair with AC Maintenance

Annual maintenance and cleaning of your HVAC system can keep it running at optimal levels for many years to come. When maintenance services are neglected, problems can begin to develop. A dirty air duct or a system part that requires lubrication are simple fixes when caught early. But when left unattended issues such as these two simple examples can grow into larger problems.

When small problems are addressed in a timely manner, it goes a long way in preventing costly repairs down the road. AC maintenance near Jacksonville is the best way to keep your AC working right and keeping you cool.

Annual Check-Ups for You and Your AC

Just as it is important to visit your doctor for your yearly check-up, the same holds true for your HVAC system. AC maintenance near Jacksonville and annual service calls can address simple problems such as dirt and debris collecting in the air ducts. Attention to pumps and other mechanical aspects of the system keep them running in an optimal fashion, and fixing small issues will prevent them from causing further damage to the entire HVAC system.

It is always a good idea to conduct regular maintenance on the mechanical systems on which we rely for our daily comfort, and the idea that maintenance is too costly does not hold true when that cost is compared to pricey repairs that are preventable. Keep your AC and entire HVAC system tuned properly, and it will last for years without costly repairs. Small issues that are ignored to result in further stress and can even lead to having to replace your entire system. With regular maintenance, costs will be kept in check and you will be keeping cool.

Don’t let the fear of costly AC maintenance keep you sweating, give AirMcCall a ring today and set up an appointment to get that AC running right. Call (904) 288-6110 and stay cool in the Florida heat! In the hot climate of Jacksonville, AC maintenance is the best way to avoid costly repairs to your HVAC system.

AC Service Can Help Keep Your Home Comfortable

When it comes to air conditioning, all too many homeowners “set it and forget it.” As long as their unit is working, there’s nothing to worry about or attend to. The truth is this philosophy puts your air conditioner at risk! Don’t neglect it. Instead, follow these tips to keep your air conditioner in tip-top shape for as long as possible.

Don’t Shy Away From Professional AC Service

Most people cringe at the idea of hiring an AC service for assistance with any part of their home. However, sometimes it’s much better to rely on an AC service than try to take care of things on your own, especially when it comes to the maintenance of your air conditioner. A professional AC service in Jacksonville can carry out many small but important tasks pertaining to your air conditioner’s health, including reviewing the thermostat, making sure your AC has enough freon and looking over the belt and motor.

Have You Checked Your Filters?

Filters are a common problem area for air conditioners, as quite a few homeowners forget to clean or replace them regularly. In turn, this can lead to numerous problems, such as overwork and energy leaks. Ideally, you should tend to the filters of your AC unit bimonthly. If you aren’t sure where your filters are or don’t feel you can check them safely, don’t hesitate to get in touch with an AC service in Jacksonville to handle the job for you.

Looking for an expert AC service in Jacksonville? Reach out to AirMcCall by phone at (904) 288-6110 or their official website!

Typical HVAC Problems and How To Address Them

Nearly 84% of the homes in America have an HVAC system. Keeping this system in good working order will require the help of experienced professionals. Taking the time to assess the functionality and efficiency of your HVAC unit is a great way to spot repair issues early on.

If you do come across air conditioner repair problems, hiring reputable Jacksonville area technicians to fix them is a must. Here are some of the most common HVAC repair issues you may face and how to properly address them.

The HVAC Unit Will Only Produce Lukewarm Air

During the hot summer months, you will need your HVAC unit to run at peak performance. Among the most common air conditioner repair issue you will face is low refrigerant. If your unit is only producing lukewarm air, chances are it needs to have refrigerant added to it.

The best way to address this is by calling in a Jacksonville area HVAC repair company. They will be able to check the refrigerant level with specialized gauges. If there is a leak, then these professionals can find it and fix it in a hurry. The longer you wait to get this issue handled, the harder it will be to reduce the damage done to your unit.

The Unit Will Not Stay On

Is your unit coming on and cutting off rapidly? This type of air conditioner repair issue can be caused by a variety of different problems. The first thing a certified HVAC technician will do when trying to diagnose this issue is to check the air filter.

If this filter is clogged, it will prohibit the unit from getting the proper amount of air flow. This lack of air flow will lead to the unit cutting off due to overheating. You can avoid this issue by checking and changing your air filter on a regular basis.

Are you experiencing air conditioner repair issues? You can contact us now to find out how we can help you get these problems resolved.

4 Reasons You Are NOT Changing Your Air Filter Too Often

A clogged filter can reduce your system’s airflow, resulting in dirty ducts, high energy bills, and mechanical failures. To prevent these problems, Jacksonville heating and air technicians usually recommend that homeowners change their HVAC filter on a 30-day schedule. However, you may sometimes notice your filter needs to be changed more frequently. There are several reasons that can cause a filter to get dirty prematurely.

Animal Hair

If you are a pet owner, you understand that certain animals are prone to heavy shedding. The more animal hair and dander that builds up in the air, the more likely these particles will clog your HVAC system. You can greatly reduce the amount of trapped hair and dander in your filter by frequently brushing your pets and vacuuming your floors.

Dirt and Dust

Dust accumulation can also have you running to the store to buy an air filter earlier than you expected. Regular mopping and vacuuming will help keep dust out of the air. If possible, wet dust the surfaces in your home because dry dusting causes more loose particles to float through the air.

Fan Settings

Thermostats have an auto and on setting. When you put the thermostat on auto, your HVAC system only runs until it reaches the temperature you choose. On the other hand, when you select the on setting, the air runs through the filter constantly. You can extend your filter’s lifespan by keeping the thermostat on auto.

MERV Rating

Every air filter has a minimum efficiency reporting value, or MERV, rating that ranges from 1 to 20. Some filters with a high MERV rating can trap particles as fine as 0.3 microns while those with a low MERV rating may only catch particles that are as large as 10 microns. Although you may be tempted to use a filter with a high MERV rating, a high-rated filter can be too restrictive for some HVAC systems. A Jacksonville heating and air technician can determine what type of filter is best for your system.

Filter Changes

Now that you know some of the common reasons that can quickly soil a filter, you can lengthen the time between filter replacements for your home in Jacksonville. Heating and air systems can break down under the strain of a clogged filter. However, by preventing premature filter changes, your HVAC system will run properly and reliably.