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Why Does my Air Conditioner Freeze Up?

HVAC technicians are often asked by customers, “Why does my air conditioner freeze up?” An AC freeze-up is when ice forms on the coils while the unit is running. When ice forms on the coils, the unit may shut down. If your air conditioning unit is freezing up, it is important to immediately address the issue to avoid extensive damage to your equipment. 

If you find that your AC unit has frozen up, the first thing to do is turn off the unit. Allow the unit to sit long enough for the ice to melt. You should allow the system to sit for at least two or three hours. While waiting for your system to thaw, determine the cause of the ice formation on the coils and take action to mediate the issue.


Common Problems That May Cause Your AC Unit to Freeze

- Blocked Air Flow

Several problems can cause your AC unit to freeze up. Some may be immediately resolved. One of the most common reasons for air conditioner freeze-up is blocked air flow. A clogged HVAC filter can block the passage of air to the system so severely, that the AC unit freezes in an attempt to generate cool air with insufficient air flow.

Check your HVAC filter and replace the filter if it is dirty. Though the HVAC filter is a seemingly small system component, a dirty filter will block the air flow and create problems with the AC unit. Make sure all of the intake registers are open and unobstructed.


- Low Refrigerant

Another common reason for frozen cooling coils is a low refrigerant level. A low refrigerant level indicates that there is a leak somewhere in the system or lines. You will need to schedule HVAC service to top off the refrigerant. The HVAC technician will also identify the source of the leak so that you can repair the problem at its cause.


- Other Possible Causes

A faulty thermostat can cause your AC to freeze. Running the AC on a cool night may cause your air conditioning system to freeze, particularly if your thermostat is going out. If your system continues to run, even though the outside temperatures are cooler than the settings on your thermostat, ice may form on the coils. Turn off your AC unit and schedule a service call to check your system and thermostat.

The the blower fan is not running fast enough to distribute the cooled air, your AC system can freeze. In some cases, simply switching the fan to a higher speed will eliminate the freezing problem. Schedule a service call to have your blower fan checked and adjusted.

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